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fagan, former george w. bush aide and political director. i will tell you two things. 46-46 in gallup among registered voters could be obama's number. 46%. in incumbents are below 50 that could be the number he gets. in other words, a landslide against him. number two, under all the numbers is the economy. that's going to decide the election. that's where the independents are going to break. what do you think? am i right? >> i think you're right. the problem for the president is that this uptick in unemployment is coming at the exact worst time for him. what we see in the numbers, i believe, is that mitt romney is lower than he should be for a couple of reasons. he isn't well known by the public. that will happen at the convention. [ laughter ] >> okay. >> second, he has to put definition on his economic plan. he does those things and the race will break open. >> okay. keith boykin, you're laughing. i love it when you laugh. we love humor on the show. but everybody in the country knows barack obama. if he's still at 46%, what does that tell you, keith? >> first of all, mitt romney has
making under $250,000 a year. the president didn't specifically mention president george w. bush or mitt romney by name specifically. he did implicitly link the policies of the two men. >> we have tried it their way. it didn't work. congress passed trillions of dollars in tax cuts that benefitted the wealthiest americans more than anybody else. what happened? the wealthy got wealthier. most americans struggled. >> the president said today he would call for congress to take action on this. nobody in washington expects the legislative grid lock here to break any time before the election. that means this issue and so many others in the fiscal cliff scenario will have to be dealt with sometime after the election between november and the beginning of next year. so there are six to eight weeks where washington has to deal with some stuff. for now this is all politics. >> all right. just a quickie. >> yeah. >> what you're saying is the so-called middle class tax cuts will be extended but the upper end tax cuts for the rich, et cetera, et cetera, will be ended permanently. is that the idea? ex-t
the finger at obama followed by congress, wall street and last former president george w. bush. the romney campaign hopes to bounce on this and voter angs. listen to what he told me earlier today. >> i think the president made an error coming into office and deciding that the economy would take care of itself. he focused his energy on liberal plans he and his friends have been working on a at a time we should have been focused on getting the economy going and only encouraged job creation. most of the measures the president pursued hurt job creation. as a result we are still suffering. >> liberal plans blocking jobs and the economy. the country is at a crossroads. one leads us to european style government. the other leads to economic freedom. which road is america going to choose? new york university professor and long-time democratic strategist and friend robert schrum. and former house majority leader dick armey, co-chairman of freedom works. i thought the poll was really important sending a message that america is, indeed, at the crossroads. but people are going to vote for a ri
could show you different data. equipment software share gdp is just about back to its george w. bush level. you may want to attack him. but we're back to where we were before the downturn begin. i think that's pretty good. we have a lot of sectors of the economy that have a huge amount of excess capacity. >> we have this ism manufacturing report. inside that report was a huge deflation of prices. dean, i worry about deflation. in fact, i worry about worldwide deflation. in fact, i worry about global recession. i'm not quite there yet. but i'm worried about it. if any of that stuff is remotely true, we're going to see it in tomorrow's jobs number. >> larry, last time i've been on your show, you were worried about inflation. you have to make up your mind. >> i know. i've been watching deflation for the last two or three months. >> last time, you were worried about high oil prices. come on, one way or the other. both can't be a problem. >> which is it? dave goldman -- >> we have weak growth around the world. it's not the u.s. determining the world market in oil. we've seen a slowdown in
cuts for those under $250,000 a year. and while he didn't mention either president obama george w. bush or his opponent mitt romney by name he linked the policies of the two. >> we've tried it their way. it didn't work. at the beginning of the last decade, congress passed trillions of dollars in tax cuts that benefited the wealthiest americans more than anybody else. and what happened? the wealthy got wealthier. but most americans struggle. >> reporter: the president also said that more than 97% of americans are below -- american small business owners are below that $250,000 tax credit threshold and would benefit he said extending this and said that republican efforts to portray it as a tax increase on small business owners are nothing more than politics, tyler. >> okay. i'm going to pick it up from there. thank you so much for that. it is that time of the year. i'm not talking about earnings season although we'll get to that. i am talking about the running of the bulls in pamplona, spain. two big names on wall street bearish. calling the s&p on the nose last year and here's what he's s
be in a heap of trouble. it's apples and oranges to compare what's happening under george w.h. bush and now. >> there's a tax question and a trust question. >> but it's not. >> i acknowledge that governor romney has not exploited that to its fullest. but it may be coming. doesn't ka del have a point? >> come on now. the american people are smarter than what you're saying. there's a difference in saying i'm not going to raise taxes and raise taxes. and saying i'm not going to raise taxes and have the supreme court come out and make an analysis of the very same thing. >> look, president obama and the democrats who passed obl bamacare to begin with. there's a reason why they invested the internal revenue service. there are 21 additional taxes going to be born by the bulk of them for the middle class. so look, middle class americans know that despite all of obama's rhetoric about protecting the middle class, every single thing he's done economically has been designed to gut the middle class and turn them to dependents on federal government. >> how does extending the bush tax cuts -- >> he says
, veteran republican strategist and a former senior adviser to presidents reagan and george h.w. bush. welcome to you both. mr. bill daley, you may have started this business council. you have worked in a lot of big companies, jpmorgan and the phone company down in texas. why doesn't obama meet with his own business council? why does he just have fundraisers all the time? >> he's not doing that. i get what you're trying to do with the way you phrase things. "the president is only doing fund raising." we know he isn't. this is how many times they meet with the president. they had over 50 recommendations that are being implemented and worked through in the government albeit a slow process. it always is with government, any government, any administration. there were real solid recommendations by the job council that were good like speeding up the visa process so more people could come here as tourists who spend more money. they had specific recommendations being implemented and worked through. the director of omb is doing that. so the idea that he should just sit there with business guys
it together. >> and georgia h.w. bush did the same thing on social security and george w. bush and ronald reagan did councils. it's a ruse. councils don't matter. >> simpson-bowles? >> that might be where we agree. the jobs council is completely irrelevant. >> i hope not when you consider the economy is the issue and unemployment is at 8.2% consistently. wouldn't you try to fix it if you're the president? >> wait, is anyone at this table suggesting that barack obama is not trying to fix the economy? thank you. >> well there was a time when early on when during the health care debate where the jobs picture wasn't great and there was a time i was wondering does he not know it's in his best interests to get this jobs number in a much better position. >> 8.8 million jobs were lost in the recession, that's a fact of life, 4.4 million have been created, since the recession ended. i'm sorry, folks, if he's created or under his watch, half of the jobs have come back. >> meaningless number. debris with you. people don't feel jobs have been created, they don't feel jobs have been created. we it tal
's an excuse. >> you have to battle two. >> otherwise people like george w. bush wouldn't be elected. >> it's in spite of. home team advantage. >> there's no question but there are so many other places to get information you can go around them. you've got to be able to connect. >> do you remember the safety net issue, i'm not worried about, there are people -- he was trying to make the point he was worried about the middle class losing traction in this economy, saying there's a safety net for people at the very low end, so what was the headline? romney doesn't care about poor people. look at the way that this is, i'd be afraid to open my mouth and you can't control every utterance of a surrogate. romney never said it wasn't a tax. the only guy who said it wasn't a tax was one of his people. >> jim nussle and i are closer on this issue than you are, joe. >> he has a client on both sides of the aisle. >> so do i. >> i guess maybe i do too. >>> we're 30 minutes from the employment report. jim o'neill will give us his outlook for employment, europe's hope for recovery and the u.s. economy. we'l
george h.w. bush and special assistant to president reagan is here on set with us for the hour. mary jo, welcome. >> thank you. >> first of all. secondly, we just rattled through all of these financial earnings we're expecting this week. a lot of the focus has been on barclays. and from your point of view, this whole libor scandal, is this going to blow up into a much bigger deal for financials going forward? >> i don't see how we can avoid it. it's a big scandal. you've got disclosures from the new york fed going back to 2008. you've got deutsche turning what they're calling state's evidence in a plea for leniency. who knows where else it's going to go. i think if i had been advising barclays, i would have been torn about telling them to come out early, and hopefully, get it over with, versus coming out early and creating a bigger problem for themselves. >> i mean, they may have gotten some leniency with regard to the fine. >> yes. >> it's something like a 30% perhaps discount. >> right. >> but it's clear, and there's a great sort of tale of this in the "wall street journal" today that
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10